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 Products: accumulator tanks and accessories



Akva Nero Standard Accumulator Tanks

Akvaterm Copper Coils


Akvaterm's new state-of-the-art accumulator tank, the cylindrical Nero, was developed in line with the latest energy efficiency standards, and features a powerful new DHW coil, the LK Max.
Available from 300-10,000ltrs, 3-bar rated Nero tanks are also fully customiseable to meet any requirements.



Finned copper coils for water heating or solar input.


Akvaterm Solar Thermal Accumulator Tanks

Loval Electric Heating Elements

Specifically designed to work with solar thermal installations, these cylindrical 3 coil tanks provide heating and domestic hot water from solar energy input.
Available in 300 -5000 litre capacities, 3 bar pressure rated as standard.

Electric heating elements and immersion heaters.

Akvaterm Solar Plus Accumulator Tanks

Termoventiler Control Equipment

The Solar Plus is a 4 coil version of the standard Solar tank, with 2 solar thermal coils.
Available in 300 -5000 litre capacities, 3 bar pressure rated as standard.

Laddomat 11-30, 21-60 and 21-100 charging units and the Thermomatic CC / EC Home constant temperature regulator.

Akvaterm Geo Accumulator Tanks

These cylindrical, 2 coil tanks come with a multitude of connections which allow for a variety of inputs including heat pumps, solar, biomass and other boilers.
Available in 300-5000 litre capacities, 3 bar pressure rated as standard

Akvaterm 'Akvantti' Oval Accumulator Tanks

Oval tanks with a width of only 810mm.
Ideal for existing boiler rooms with narrow entrances.
Available in 1400 to 2400 litre capacities.


Akva Ego compact DHW Accumulator Tanks


Designed to maximise the DHW potential of heatpumps and other renewable inputs, the Akva Ego has one long DHW coil running from top to bottom of the tank.
For small domestic use only, the Ego is available as either a 500 or 700ltr model.


Traditional 'Akva' Accumulator Tanks


Akvaterm's traditional cylindrical tanks, the Akva range is designed for optimal customisation.  3 bar rated as standard with 100-150mm of seamless polyurethane insulation, the standard sizes cover 300 to 10,000 litres.

Akvasan Compact Accumulator Tanks  

Cylindrical tanks with a diameter of only 810mm, these tanks are ideal for confined spaces.
Available in 500 and 700 litre capacities, 3-bar rated as standard.
Akva B Custom Accumulator Tanks  

Akvaterm can also make custom tanks to order for all applications, including smaller 100-200 ltr vessels, or larger accumulator tanks optimised for heat storage rather than daily use.

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