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  Loval immersion heater

Loval immersion heaters are currently unavailable.


Loval electric heating elements and immersion heaters are made in industrial high quality INCOLOY 825, and can be supplied fitted to Akvaterm tanks or as accessories.


Loval heating elements are available either as immersion heaters with combined thermostat or as elements with separate control and over-temperature thermostats.

Immersion heaters with thermostat units are available in the following sizes: 3kw, 6kw, 9kw, 10kw.

Heating elements supplied with terminal housings but without thermostats can be supplied in the sizes: 3kw, 6kw, 9kw, 10kw, 12kw, 15kw.


All heating elements comprise three separate elements (eg, a 6kw element is made up of 3x2kw elements) .  Each element can be connected individually if step-up control is required, for instance from a Solar PV array or a Wind Turbine with variable output.


There are 2 options regarding control units: 400V 3 phase control units (the CU4) or 230V single phase units (the CU1B).  The single phase CU1B units can control either the 3 or 6kw immersion heaters, while 3 phase CU4 units can control all immersion heaters from 3-10kw.


For off-peak night time use 2-3 elements may be specified.


Where multiple heating elements are employed, separate thermostat units can be used to control the electrical heating.  We can supply Loval VT1 thermostats with 300mm probes for fitting to 1/2" or 3/4" through tappings.  VT1 thermostats are single pole, rated to 10amps, and are normally used in conjunction with relay control for higher rated heating elements.


Akvaterm tanks are made with 2" BSP female connectors for electric elements. Please note that standard UK 2" type immersion heaters cannot be fitted.


If bought as an accessory (not supplied fitted to an Akvaterm tank), a 70mm hexagonal box spanner will be required to fit the immersion element to the tank.  We are able to sell these if required, but are also happy to loan them out to customers who purchase the element directly from us as we are aware that these are not standard UK sizes (terms apply).


No rubber seals are provided with Loval immersion elements as these perish over time and are deemed unreliable.  Instead, elements should be fitted with hemp and plumbers' white (available on request).








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