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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Akvaterm accumulator tank, and why would I use one?

Akvaterm are market leading tank manufacturers based in Finland, and manufacture highly insulated and fully customisable thermal storage vessels ranging in standard sizes from 300 to 10,000 litres capacity.

An accumulator tank or thermal store enables the highest level of efficiency and flexibility in water-based heating systems for both commercial and domestic applications.
Their function is to collect and store heat energy from any source and allow the flexible use of this heat energy, either directly for space heating or via an internal heat exchanger for domestic hot water (DHW).

An accumulator tank is the answer for all micro-generation renewable sources: solar thermal panels, biomass boilers, wind turbines and heat pumps can all be connected to the thermal store, and if the energy is not needed at the time of generation the tank will store it for later use.

How well insulated is an Akvaterm accumulator tank?

Akvaterm tanks use seamless polyurethane insulation, the best on the market.
Standard cylindrical tanks (including the Nero, Geo, Solar, Solar Plus and Akva) are made with 150mm insulation on all models up to and including 2000ltrs.  Larger models have 100mm insulation as standard but can be made to order with 130mm or 150mm insulation.
The compact AKVASAN and AKVANTTI models have 50mm insulation.

The U value of 100mm insulation is 0.28 w/m2 K and of 150mm insulation is 0.19 w/m2 K.

Can an Akvaterm tank be used for renewable energy technologies?

Yes, an Akvaterm tank is the answer for all micro-generation renewable energy sources. Solar panels, wind turbines, biomass boilers and heat pumps can all be connected to the thermal store, and if the energy is not needed at the time of generation it can be stored for later use:

  • Heat from the mid-day sun can be stored for use in the cool of the evening.

  • Electrical energy generated from the wind or solar PV panels can be stored as hot water.

  • Logs or other forms of biomass can be burned efficiently at high temperature providing heat long after the boiler has gone out.

  • Heat pumps can be run on low cost night rate electricity, storing the energy for use during the day.

How are all these energy sources connected to the accumulator tank?

  • Hot water generated by Solar thermal panels is passed through a heat exchange coil at the base of the buffer tank.

  • Electrical inputs are through high quality Incoloy heating elements.

  • Biomass, heatpumps and other high temperature boilers are connected directly to the tank.

How is domestic hot water supplied from a primary thermal store? 

Akvaterm accumulator tanks can be fitted with copper heat exchange coils ranging from 35litre/min to 200 litres/min for all your hot water needs. These coils need to be supplied from a mains water supply on an unvented domestic hot water system.
Keeping the top 1/3 of a large Akvaterm buffer tank heated during the summer months to supply domestic hot water through a coil results in a saving of as much as 80% of the heat that would be lost from a conventional hot water cylinder with 40mm polyurethane insulation.


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