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 AKVA Ego - DHW Accumulator Tanks




A compact tank similar in dimensions to the popular AKVASAN, the AKVA EGO range has been designed to maximise the hot water potential of your accumulator tank for domestic households. Available as either a 500 or 700ltr model, the EGO features Akvatermís revolutionary new LK Max coil, which spans the full length of the tank. Approximately equivalent to the output from an LK35, the LK Max coil has double the surface area which allows it to maximise DHW output.

The AKVA EGO has been optimised for use with a heatpump and immersion heater backup, although it can be used for all heat inputs and outputs.
As with all Akvaterm accumulator tanks, the EGO is fully customisable in terms of coils and connections, and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Please note that whilst the EGO features the standard high performance polyurethane insulation found on all Akvaterm accumulators, its thickness has been reduced to 50mm to make the tank more compact and simpler to retro-fit. Where possible, a NERO or custom AKVA tank with 150mm of insulation should be used in preference to an EGO.

Model Capacity       (l) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Pressure(bar) Coils* Energy

Akve Ego 500 Standard

500 810 1,550 3 LK Max

Akva Ego 500 Solar

500 810 1,550 3 1 x LK Max
1 x Solar 'S'

Akve Ego 700 Standard

700 810 2,050 3 LK Max  

Akva Ego 700 Solar

700 810 2,050 3 1 x LK Max
1 x Solar 'L'


*LK Max Coil: 22mm highly finned copper (13.6m), running from bottom to top of accumulator tank

Solar Coil 'S': 22mm highly finner copper (6m)

Solar Coil 'L': 22mm highly finner copper (12m)



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