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Craikmore, Craik, Roberton, Hawick.

Commissioned November 2009.

This installation features an AKVA 1500E accumulator linked to a Baxi Solo-Innova 30 log boiler (32kw).  It is owned and operated by Ian Robson, a forester and firewood supplier in the Scottish Borders.

The boiler and Akvaterm tank are installed in a detached boiler house, and supply heat and hot water to a 3 bedroom property. The heating and domestic hot water system of are connected to the Akvaterm tank by underground twin-core proprietary insulated pipe.

The log boiler heats the Akvaterm tank in a stratified manner to about 87oC using a Laddomat 21 loading unit. The flow temperature to the heating system is regulated to 60oC by a Thermomatic K temperature controller operating on a 3-way mixing valve. The flow to the heating circuit is blended with the return from the heating system to produce the required flow temperature.

The AKVA 1500E has proved to match the output of the boiler well, storing about 75% of the heat generated during the firing cycle (3 hours), the remaining 25% going directly to the heating and hot water system.  The heat stored in the accumulator tank amounts to approximately 75kwhrs of useable energy.


AKVA 1500E accumulator tank. (Click to enlarge)

AKVA 1500E accumulator tank with Baxi Solo Innova 30. (Click to enlarge)

Thermomatic K temperature regulator to heating circuit. (Click to enlarge)


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